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MEMBER VOTE Coming Soon!!

If you’re a Regular Member (Lifetime or Annual), don’t forget that we have a Member Vote coming up on January 2nd at 7:00 pm Eastern time! Keep an eye on your email for all of the details!!

The Board of Directors has reviewed and approved the Amended & Restated Articles of Incorporation changes as recommended by the Standards for Excellence Committee, and now the Members need to vote on whether to accept the final changes as proposed.

The primary focus with these revisions is ensuring that the Articles of Incorporation clearly reflect that we are a member-driven organization, and that our Mission is largely education and advocacy for independent recognition of equine therapists & technicians as a well-educated profession.  As a member-driven organization, and consistent with our original Articles of Incorporation, all voting members of AAETT are invited to vote to either accept or decline the Articles of Incorporation changes.  Any member with voting privileges as of December 26th who wishes to cast a vote on this topic must be present via Zoom or phone during the meeting. Proxy voting is not allowed for Articles of Incorporation changes.

If you’re not currently a Regular Member, but you’d like to upgrade, you can do so today at this link. If you’re already a Regular Member, simply follow the steps below to cast your vote.

Checklist to Prepare for the January 2nd Vote Meeting:

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