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Michelle Haman


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About Me

Michele Haman’s lifelong love of horses led her to various disciplines and interests, including saddle seat, hunters, western, dressage, combined driving, and eventing.  She holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Equine Therapy, Equine Science, and Equine Management, and a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting.  She is the founder and owner of Equi-librium Therapy, LLC, based out of Lexington, Kentucky and Wellington, Florida.

With this extensive education and over 30 years of horse experience, Michele loves to help riders / trainers / owners “put the pieces together” whether their horse is having an issue, to help them develop performance horses, or simply to maintain their horses’ comfort as long as possible.  For her every animal deserves the best, regardless of whether it’s a high-performance athlete, a pasture companion, or the family pet.  She is passionate about helping animals feel and perform their best, and strives to grow and share her knowledge every day. 

In addition to her busy daily work schedule, Michele also serves on the Equine Advisory Board for Pulse PEMF.  As Vice President and a Board Member for AAETT, Michele provides guidance, enthusiasm, and extensive industry experience to help achieve the organization’s mission of education and credentialing.

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