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Christina Naas


Vice President

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About Me

Christina, (formerly Kupper) of Equine Kneads in Colorado & Wisconsin, has worked with many different programs to expand her education. She also is often a guest instructor at various universities and clinics in teaching pre-vet students, vet students, owners, trainers and riders on the foundations of equine bodywork. In addition, she continues to work directly with veterinarians on developing protocols, safety and education in the fields of cryotherapy and PEMF.

Her specialties are in Neuromuscular Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Cryotherapy and Therapeutic Bodywork. While Christina holds many certifications in various modalities and techniques, these are her primary focus.

Her natural intuition for understanding and interpreting energy, biomechanics and the body, gives her an added edge as an equine bodyworker.

Prior to entering the field of massage and bodywork, Christina was a business consultant and analyst. She has owned and sold 3 previous businesses and currently coaches and mentors equine bodyworkers in the business aspects of the equine industry. She teaches bodyworkers how to successfully enter the field, expand their business, develop a niche and how to make their business their own, including developing boundaries, client communication, and much more.

Christina’s certifications are in NMT, CST, MFR, Applied Kinesiology, PEMF therapy, Cryotherapy and Kinesio-taping.

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