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Janice Lee Holland


Board Director

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About Me

From a very young age, Dr. Janice Holland was passionate about horses. Growing up in central
Pennsylvania she took advantage of any opportunity to ride and be around horses, leading her to
pursue a bachelor’s degree in animal production at the Pennsylvania State University, where she also
rode on their Intercollegiate Hunt Seat Team. While at Penn State Janice served as a teaching and
research assistant and based on these experiences, she decided to attend Virginia Polytechnic Institute
and State University and work on a Master of Science and doctorate in Animal Science with an Equine
emphasis. Janice’s research interests at Virginia Tech focused on nutrition and behavior, and she also
assisted with projects on exercise physiology and reproduction. During her time at Virginia Tech, she
lived in Blacksburg and Middleburg and developed an appreciation for the sport horse and
racing industries. Through her experiences, questions arose on how to help a horse recover from injury
and perform their best, and an interest in modalities was born. Janice owned two Thoroughbreds, one a
retired racehorse, who benefitted from the application of modalities throughout their lifetimes, and
both horses served to train countless students on the correct application of massage, e-stim, ultrasound,
PEMF, and laser.
Since graduating from Virginia Tech Janice has held positions as a faculty member in equine studies at
several colleges and is currently Associate Professor and Director of Equine Studies at Wilson College in
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. She teaches courses in nutrition, behavior, management, and exercise
physiology. She is a frequent writer for The Horse magazine. In addition to her responsibilities as a Board
member for AAETT, Janice has served on the Board of the Kentucky Horse Council and the National
Association of Equine Affiliated Academics. In addition, she has served and chaired multiple committees
for the Equine Science Society.
Janice currently lives in Chambersburg with her husband and multiple cats, with hopes of adding a new
horse to the mix in the near future. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, reading, photography, crafting,
and watching a variety of sports with her family.

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