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Rhonda Martin

CESMT, BS Zoology - Anatomy and Physiology 

Board Director

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About Me

Rhonda owns and operates Equine Mechanix near Kansas City, Missouri. She is an equine performance consultant with 30 years of experience in massage-based integrated bodywork, PEMF, saddle fit assessment, custom fit pads, custom designed western saddles, horsemanship clinics, and speaking engagements.

Rhonda's passion is to better understand the horse. She works with equine veterinary specialists, farriers, and trainers, and attends numerous clinics each year. Her focus is to help horse owners and trainers better understand the physical needs of their horses. Rhonda offers her clients and students a better understanding of the dynamic relationship between conformation, posture, biomechanics of movement, muscle issues, saddle fit, and rider issues. Restoring and maintaining healthy muscle, connective tissue, range of motion and a pain-free back helps keep horses sound while realizing their true potential.  Rhonda has assisted riders and horses to achieve greater performance and numerous world championships in all disciplines.

She is a life-long horse owner, competitor, clinician, educator, creator of CSI saddle fit instruction videos, appearances on Horse TV, Better Horses TV, seminars, speaker and clinician for PATH International, Kansas EquiFest, and Pulse Systems Professional Retreat.

Her personal equine accomplishments include circuit, state, regional, and world championships in endurance, competitive trail, reining, ranch horse, western dressage, and dressage.

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